Thursday, September 21, 2006

The real truth about newsrooms

I like this quote, I never thought of a newsroom as being a bit like a whorehouse. But it is like this. Well, I better go and make myself pretty, for the next john er story

A newspaper is not the place to go to see people actually earning a living, though journalists like to pretend they never stop sweating over a hot typewriter. It is much more like a brothel - short, rushed bouts of really enjoyable activity interspersed with long lazy stretches of gossip, boasting, flirtation, drinking, telephoning, strolling about the corridors sitting on the corner of desks, planning to start everything tomorrow. Each of the inmates has a little specialty to please the customers. The highest paid ones perform only by appointment; the poorest take on anybody, The editors are like madams - soothing, flattering, disciplining their naughty, temperamental staff, but rarely obliged to satisfy the clients personally between the printed sheets. --from a UPI Washington Bureau Manager


Blogger Dick Tate said...

I can see that happening. Good description. I am sure many will like to keep this under their trilby.

7:29 PM  

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